🎑 How To Play 🎑

The 60-Second Rules

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πŸ† Goal: Find all the card equations that match the dice equations, as fast as possible.

πŸ‘† Tap/click on the top card to spin it πŸ”„, and find all the operations!

βœ… Match Operation Answers

valid example

πŸ’‘ Example Operations

❌ Not Allowed: Same Pairs

invalid example

Slider Input

slider input

On a mobile phone, use the slider control to enter your operation numbers and operators. To reset your answer, tap on the operation box.

On a desktop computer, just type your operation into the textbox.

πŸ™Œ Game Helps πŸ™Œ

  1. πŸ™Œ All of a rotation’s answers are listed in the top X Answers area.
  2. πŸ™Œ The number of remaining equations to be found is shown in your Solutions Scorecard. Eg. Score: 0, Find: 20


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